New Foundation Unity with Rev. Eleanor Fleming

How to participate:

  • To ask a question during the live broadcast, call 1-816-301-6304. Be sure to turn off the sound of your computer when calling!
  • New Foundation Unity is a discipleship program. Eleanor wants to help you on your journey. She encourages you to email her at or to call her at 1-816-301-6304 to receive materials and ask questions.
  • If for some reason the broadcast does not work, try clicking here.

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Submitted by Kari on

Rev. Eleanor,
This livestream is such a great way of sharing your knowledge!You have a great way of making concepts that can seem initially overwhelming and complex seem so relatable. Thanks!

Submitted by Margaret on

Hi Rev. Eleanor and Mark, just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the class. I didn't find out about the Lessons in Truth class until the final broadcast. I appreciate the opportunity to connect via the web as I live a couple hundred miles from the nearest Unity. I hope that there will be more classes available in the future. I also hope the word will be spread and more people can participate. I shared the information with a friend in FL and I know that she connected last week also. This is my very first class in metaphysical bible study and feel privileged to have Rev. Eleanor as instructor. Thank you!!!! Blessings....

Submitted by Ceilidh on

Hi Rev. Eleanor and Mark. I am watching the broadcasts all the way from up here in Canada and I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found this website and Eleanor's classes. It has been a spiritual lifeline for me. Reading the wealth of information available and following the broadcasts and e-mailing questions to Eleanor I feel I have had a first rate education on Unity history, beliefs and methods. Now I am finally able to put all this knowledge into practice in a clear and logical way and my personal relationship with Spirit grows deeper every day. "Ye shall KNOW the truth and it shall set you free!"

Submitted by Bob on

Thank you Eleanor for another wonderful lesson. You are a gift to all of us who seek clarity and understanding of the scriptures. I affirm that your audience in cyber land is growing ten fold. You truly are an instrument of the Holy Spirit at work.

Submitted by Tracie Louise on

Great lesson and I really enjoyed it, all the way from Australia. I have just finished SEE Bible Interpretation of Hebrews. I wish I had known about these lessons sooner. But still wonderful to review this important info.

Submitted by Aleta on

Thank you

Submitted by Pamela Sjosten on

Thank you, enjoyed my first class so much. Looking forward to learning more and strengthening my relationship with the Bible.